In Pursuit of Tasteful Living

Modernbrands Inc. is a lifestyle furniture company in pursuit of tasteful living for the everyday Filipino, offering a wide selection of items to furnish your living space.

A home doesn't begin at the front door, but with all of the little objects that come together. Living the good life involves a well-designed home. Modernbrands offers you just that—curated collections and design expertise all under one roof to help you achieve the pinnacle of tasteful living.

The Best Quality For Your Home

Our product line-up consists of furniture and home decor pieces carefully curated from select brands and leading manufacturers around the world. Ensuring you the best quality and design for your living space.


We want your home decor to speak for your easy, high-end lifestyle, and to do that, we are committed to only offer the finest furniture made with the choicest materials and best the craftsmanship from different parts of the globe. Coupled with outstanding quality, we guarantee not only your satisfaction but also to leave your guests in awe of your marvelous interiors.