New ALVEO Unit Designs Are Out!

Modernbrands Inc

Our New Designs Are Out for Your Next ALVEO Unit!


Our Home Starter Program launches a new set of innovative design layouts in addition to our portfolio for ALVEO Projects. The packages include a couple of Studio Unit and 2 Bedroom designs made by Modernbrands Inc's talented licensed in-house designers.  You can now offer these interior designs to any of your ALVEO clients and get commissions!

Get the full details and inclusions below.

One (1) Bedroom Unit Designs


Creative director, Per Weiss of Innovation Living, Denmark launches his signature designs for the Portico 1 Bedroom Unit. Each room will use Innovation Living’s multifunctional sofa beds and other convertible furniture. With some useful touches, these are basically new variations showcasing more innovative furniture design to maximize space and improve your way of living in a compact, Scandinavian designed home. See their renders below.


Couple Luxe by Per Weiss


Living Room


 Couple Luxe


IMG 09aeb4a60bf2e1e41749c0ec6eb4140f V BLACK



Dining Room and Kitchen


IMG 8e8258aef82b72f179e6c592c60220c1 V black


Family First by Per Weiss


Living Room


osvald 4

Dining Room







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