5 Decorating Tips for Extra Stylish Holidays

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Filipino’s celebrate Christmas way earlier than other people around the world. As the weather tells its coming, the decorating fervor arises within each of us. Most of us have started to prepare sweet looking decors often inspired by that someone who usually wears a red jacket, red pants, red hat, black boots while sporting that signature white hair and a bushy mustache. You know who he is. This is also the time wherein we start to move things around to fit in our majestic Christmas trees and pepper our houses with colorful and flashy lights.

It’s our love for tradition that truly defines the Filipino spirit of being warm and happy at all times. So to help you get into that Christmas Spirit here are 5 tips to remember to give your homes an extra stylish holiday.  

 1. Limit the theme colors

We have to admit sometimes, especially this season, it’s almost like every color can resemble Christmas, but don’t overdo it. While it’s fun to play with many vibrant colors in the spectrum and explore your creativity with different levels of color temperatures, you still want to stick with two or three colors for your Holiday theme. Say, you are a traditionalist, you can rely on reds and greens but regardless of the colors you choose, limiting your palette will extremely make the whole design process a lot easier as it narrows down your choices and it gives your room a nicer feel.

 2. Always put something natural in the room

Weather it’s a green plant in the middle of the table, or a flower vase sitting on top of your accent table, it is much pleasing to add something like these greens that can add texture, scent and life to your rooms.

 3. Natural lights are handy

The use of ambient lights is the key. It’s common for Filipinos to prefer bright and clean looking rooms, it’s still better if you can achieve this by using the existent ambient lights or the lights coming from the surrounding so it’s more natural.

 4. Only get what you love

Keep in mind that to achieve a stylish Holiday, you don’t want to overbuy pieces especially if that doesn’t give you anything else but the looks. Only get the things that you’ll surely use and the things that make you or your family look and feel good.

 5. Party now!

This is where the real party starts! After preparing all the stuff for your Holiday arrangements, it’s time to celebrate it with your loved ones. Chill out and pig out this Holiday Season after all it only happens once a year! 

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