Enhance a Customer’s Waiting Experience!


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In a highly competitive world, a company that is customer-oriented will always come out to the top to delight its customers.

This company based in Quezon City understands that and strives to create a positive and refreshing waiting experience for its discerning customers.


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The Customer lounge area was furnished with furniture from Modernbrands, curated by its licensed Interior Design Team for its Total Home Solutions program.

Tips on creating that atmosphere of comfort for your Customers Lounge Area

  • Choose your seating furniture carefully and consider comfort.
  • A nice accent chair adds design and visual effect to the setup.
  • Put live plants in the area for a positive effect.
  • Choose soothing color palettes and a bit of wood décor for warmth.


Click here if you need the help of the Modernbrands Team to create this space for your customer lounge area.

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