How Flat Technology Helped KFC Improve Customer Satisfaction

Flat Technology

You are what you eat and so is your business. When you receive complains from your customers, try to identify the potential cause, fast. Empathize with your customers and treat them the way you would want to be treated.

KFC is a good example on customer satisfaction. When they received feedbacks and complaints from their admittedly wobbly tables, they opted to act and do something about it. It was in their Matalino Branch in Quezon City, wherein they started to hear these concerns. Back then it was a concern that  they didn’t realize had a huge effect on them. For one, it interrupts their operations, it ate chunks of their time which could have been spent to do other important aspects of the business. But after introducing FLAT Technology and how it became the solution to their wobbly tables, it resulted with a vast amount of positive returns to their restaurant.

“The best benefit from Flat is that our table bases now stay even all the time, minimizing the hassle of fixing wobbly tables. Plus, it makes it easier for us to organize and accommodate larger groups. Since Flat, we no longer hear complaints from customers enabling us to focus more on other things like our service.” –said Fhem Gabbal, Store Manager for 10 years, Matalino Branch

Flat technology is being used to stabilize and align tables in the hospitality industry worldwide. Its products provide a variety of solutions to correct wobbly tables and table alignment - problems that have plagued the industry for decades.


In December 2016, The Harris Poll conducted a survey which says that about 83% of customers care as much about how you treat them as what you’re selling. It is evident that most people are getting more concerned about the experience they get more than the product itself.

By addressing the customers’ needs like what KFC in partnership with Flat Technology did, customers now feel valued and heard, making them more loyal to the restaurant.

Aside from that, their employees are also performing remarkably better. With less time spent on fixing the wobbly tables, it makes the workforce more efficient overall. This part is where the brand gets more value from the customers who are satisfied and happy for their product and services. The more happy customers you serve, the more value the brand gets from them. 

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