How to Prepare Your Home for Guests This Christmas


It’s the Christmas Season! And every Christmas, family, relatives, friends, and guests are sure to drop by and pay a visit. It's fun, right? But before anything else, you need to think about how your guests would feel when they get inside your home.

Today, we’ll be sharing some tips on how to get your home ready for all of your guests this Christmas.

Tip no. 1: Create a sumptuous looking space for your guests



A perfect example would be right at you’re living room where you’d most likely let your guests stay for small chats and catch-ups but if they happen to come on an unexpected volume, you might want to opt for modular furniture.

It leaves you more versatility and power over how you control your space in order to accommodate more guests. Plus, you can never go wrong with any of these examples below! Modular Sofa’s

Tip No. 2: Plan Your Menus to Impress


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Cooking for a large number of people can be extremely hard let alone Christmas where everyone is moving in a rush. So be sure to plan the menu far in advance. If you can prepare food that can be frozen for later just pre-heat and then pop in the oven when the guests come in, it can drastically help you get around more easily.

Tip No. 3: Have a Guest-ready Kitchen


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Kitchens are often overlooked when we prepare for Christmas guests. Also, prepare enough utensils, plates and other necessary serve wares so you don’t run out before you have the chance to put the dishwasher on or wash them manually. You don’t want to waste time washing them as your guests come in. Also, since the kitchen is also where the oven is premium, what we mean by this is that your oven will not be big enough to preheat all food at once, so if you are pre-heating food you must do it in batches or at least maximize its usage by any means you can.

Tip No. 4: Set the tables in Style


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Time to bring out the precious glassware you’ve been keeping! Like most Filipinos, we often only use among the very best of our glass wares and shining new utensils and other fancy serve wares when there are guests. Cool right? With all these, your guests will notice almost immediately how you prepared for their visit just by looking at your table set up. This is your chance to be creative and impress them just by the look of your table set up.


With all that, don’t forget that the occasion is about all you being together to celebrate and enjoy so don’t be caught up on the organizing. Relax and stay warm this season.

From the Modernbrands Family, we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! 

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