Innovation Living: The Sofa Bed Specialist


Many of us dream to live independently. That’s why many professionals opt to live in a condominium. It gives us the independent lifestyle we want but there is always a glaring problem that tenants face: having to live within a very limited space.

And that’s where Innovation Living, the Sofa Bed Specialist, gives you the solution!


Made for compact living!

Every collection from Innovation Living is thoroughly designed to give solutions especially to those who need to save space. So if you are looking for a sofabed that gives convenience and durability, Innovation Living is definitely the right solution.


 Cubed wood 1        Cubed wood 3     

Cubed Wood 140 Sofabed from the Compact Series


Original Danish Designs

Innovation Living is a Danish furniture company built on the proud traditions of Danish Design. Its head designer, Per Weiss, is inspired by a Scandinavian design that has a contemporary appeal.



Longhorn Deluxe Sofa bed


Ghia Sofa bed


Excess Pocket Spring Mattress

The higher coils in the Excess Pocket Spring models provide a softer sofa comfort. The Excess mattress has a higher absorption of pressure on each spring for a more comfortable sleep.


longhorn 2

Comfort like no other



Aside from its classy designs, you can count on the quality of every Innovation Living sofa bed. Its fabric undergoes the Martindale test so it can withstand heavy scratches. The fabric is water-resistant to protect the mattress inside. It’s also worth knowing that every frame that holds the sofa bed is made of steel. Thus reducing the risk of termite infestation. 

water resistant

Innovation Living sofa beds are durable


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