Let’s talk more about HYGGE

Innovation Living Philippines

A few weeks ago, Innovation Living’s Creative Director, Per Weiss himself flew here in the Philippines to attend Modernbrands Inc and ALVEO Land’s press event. He introduced the Innovation brand and his signature design for the one (1) bedroom unit located in Portico Ortigas, Pasig. For more details on that click here.

And during his stay here in the Philippines, he mentioned the word “hygge” and how it was related to his own designs most especially on the one (1) bedroom unit he designed himself. Funny enough, he mentioned this ‘hygge’ term when he was presenting the design of the model unit during the event and even taught the press himself on how to properly pronounce it. The correct pronunciation by the way should be hue-guh (not heeg or hoo-gah).

Now, to start with, the Danish word hygge mentioned by Per Weiss, As an exercise, we’re going to give you some photos and we’ll let you describe them to give you an initial idea on what hygge is. Take a look at these photos from each source.

 18 Decorating101 Cosy Spaces With Hygge MjolkHome Bedroom HH JL15           15 Decorating101 Cosy Spaces With Hygge robert winter HH DEC1214 Decorating101 Cosy Spaces With Hygge SD Basement Den HH DE13             10 Decorating101 Cosy Spaces With Hygge Murakami KitchenTableDetail HH Dec13

Source: https://houseandhome.com/gallery/20-cozy-rooms-with-serious-hygge/ 


Done? Now, based on the photos above, what do you think is hygge? Right off the bat, many would give the impression of hygge being clean, cozy and simple. But according to Per Weiss himself, unlike what others may have mentioned, it is not just about how a place can look clean and simple, it is rather deeply associated with a special feeling or moment which can be experienced either alone or with some friends, at home or outside, doesn’t matter if its ordinary or extravagant but it will always boil down to being cozy, delighted and special.

These were values which Per Weiss tried and successfully brought to his signature one (1) bedroom unit design that you can see at ALVEO Portico’s Model Unit. Definitely check it out if you’re near the vicinity to experience its full Scandinavian glory. What’s your take on hygge? We’re thrilled to know your thoughts!



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