Novacucina by Modernbrands, an Italian Kitchen Wonder


For the past few years, Modernbrands built itself as a reliable company providing lifestyle furniture from exclusive brands like Innovation Living, Gus* Modern, Recor Originals, Nordlux, Alf Dafre, Living  Space, Linie Design and FLAT Technology.

Today, however, Modernbrands Inc. introduces their newest brand yet that cannot be categorized as just loose furniture. Novacucina which is also exclusively distributed by Modernbrands offers a wide selection of modular kitchen lines with robust material finishes.


Let’s break it down for your better understanding.

1. Wide range of kitchen materials and designs

Kitchen Material Finishes

More than anything, a wide selection of material finishes gives you more control over how your kitchen design would look like and it is more likely that whatever your material choice is, Novacucina has it. From laminate to wood, from lacquer to glass - and the ever-present alternative of integrating different opening systems. See our designs here.

 2.  Modularity brings control and ease


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Having a modular system applied to kitchens drastically helps the ease of installing kitchen drawers. Imagine the same concept used for Lego toys? That’s how easy this can be easily fitted in your space.

3. Premium Artisan brand sans the designer price


The brand Novacucina is an original kitchen brand from Italy which is widely known as the home of highly skilled craftsmen which specializes in Kitchen lines. The brand has been in the industry since the 90s producing classic styled kitchen fitted kitchens which then turned them to focus more on modularity as its fundamental distinguishing feature.

4. Environmentally Responsible


Now, as part of its environmental and health contribution to everyone, Novacucina offers its materials in accordance to environmental certifications to ensure that indoor air quality emissions are tested to be safe since some materials produce formaldehyde­ a pungent gas coming from material oxidation. Exposure to formaldehyde has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory test animals.


Are you ready to get started afresh and update your kitchen? See our kitchen designs today linked below! 

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