The Italian Wardrobes of Alf Da Frè


Alf DaFrè excels in creating Italian wardrobes that follow your preferred style. It’s customizable so you have the choice to decide how its functionality works. The superior Italian quality we are all familiar with is visible in the materials they use whether it’s for the living room, kitchen or bedroom.  The creation of wardrobes can go as technical as it can be, but we’ll talk about the two kinds of wardrobe Alf DaFrè has which are Poker and Mixer.

Get practical with Poker!

If you are looking for a premium Italian quality wardrobe without the designer price, Poker is your go-to wardrobe. It is a system that suits all the rooms in your home! Whether you need storage for your living room, in your kitchen or a walk-in closet for your bedroom, Poker’s versatility won’t fail your need. It can also be used to organize spaces by creating an equipped partition wall.

Poker 1

Poker Wardrobe with built-in television

 Poker 5

Poker Wardrobe for your living room

Poker 6

A wardrobe for your spa room? Why not!

Mixer wardrobe: an aesthetic like no other

Mixer is the second type of wardrobe that prioritizes, not only functionality, but sophisticated details. It is exclusively created for bedrooms, but it has a wide variety of finishes. You can choose from lacquer, glass and veneer finish for the exterior. It also has a honeycomb door that is more lightweight and durable compared to Poker’s.


Mixer 2

Exclusive finishes are available for Mixer

Mixer 1

Mixer wardrobe with highly detailed finish

Poker or Mixer? Two ways to plan your wardrobe

Now you have an idea of how Poker and Mixer differ. If you are leaning to have a wardrobe that is more functional and affordable for any room of your house, Poker is your choice. If you like to get the architectural presence in design, function and finish, a Mixer wardrobe is your excellent choice.

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