This Modern 3-Story Home is #Familygoals


A little over a year ago, we started offering our Home Starter Program offering a one-stop-shop solution to property owners like condo dwellers.

For Mrs. Cruz, a business owner, it’s very important for her home to house all her love for her family. And it’s even more important to have it feel warm and welcoming for his family and other relatives. For one, this house has 4 bedrooms 1 at the 2nd floor, 3 at the 3rd floor but we will focus more on the living room and the dining room which are what we’ve worked on the hardest.


It has two Living Rooms because… Why not?   


Mrs. Cruz and his husband loves receiving guests in their house so depending on who the guests are, they have created two separate living rooms for informal and formal guests the latter being for guests with business matters to discuss.

But even with the double living room it still manages to express a clean, modern design and feel. Both are unarguably striking and yet welcoming.


Let’s be silent for a moment and appreciate the glory of this stone brick wall. 


According to Mrs. Cruz, she is quite happy about this Carara White Natural Stone Wall as it brings fashion and character to her bare walls plus it looks great with her kids’ amazing watercolor paintings. So stand still and appreciate the beauty it evokes.


A dining room for sharing food and laughter together.  


For Mrs. Cuz, her family enjoys good food that they share in this lavish 8-seater dining room. She agrees that using a glass top makes space look bigger than it is. She obviously wants to treat her house neatly with the modern touch of class that really works for her and her family. Wait, didn’t you notice that she also kept her love for wines as she has a simple but elegant wine rack for her Wine lovelies.


Overall, we extremely enjoyed working for this project and the fulfillment it gave us was unmeasurable and priceless. We’re happiest when Mrs. Cruz told us that she was ultimately satisfied and that she valued our inputs on her house interior. We will be adding a video soon giving you a quick tour of the house which has been a successful project for us here at Modernbrands. We’ll keep you posted on this as soon as it goes live at our website.

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