What Every New Apartments Needs

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So, you’re moving finally somewhere, thinking you’re ready to live alone and be separated. You’ve finally decided to conquer life by yourself. Whether you’re a post-graduate, post-break-up or post-house-full-of-roommates, you’ve just found the right place for a handy list of apartment essentials to help you get along easily. Congrats to you!   


1. Doormat

A must have to dry out and minimize dirt that comes in your apartment. Leave one outside even if it’s just an apartment if you care or conscious about keeping your home outside-dirt free. Start with making your entryway first, I suggest.



2. Multifunctional Furniture

Let’s jump inside and start with the things you usually see when you enter the room. Try to get a sofa bed that doesn’t look like a starter furniture. And since you’ll most likely entertain visitors in the future, it’s advisable to purchase a multipurpose furniture to save on costs. In that way, you can have a regular furniture and an extra sleeping bed to serve as a nesting place for your guests to stay. Try and go for a multi-functional sofa bed like this one. It has a special mechanism that is very easy to use which enables your sofa to be a bed anytime. Plus, it saves you a huge chunk of space in your limited apartment space. All this, on a single piece of furniture because why not? You’re living on your own now, so do it smartly.


3. A Coffee Table

If you can, try and get a slim profile coffee table. Having slim and functional coffee table takes up less visual weight and can deliver a look that your room has a lot of space! Try looking for any see-through material to give the illusion that your space is larger than it actually is! It can also work as an accent table to add more elements to your room essential to support a stronger look with your sofa or any upholstered furniture. Plus, this coffee table can also be used as a dinner table if you’re conserving space.


4. A Sleek Media Console

Since, it’s your own space now, feel free to show off every piece that you can have. For the minimalist type, a media console that is sleek and chic can improve the game. While you watch your favorite drama/action movie on Netflix or YouTube or play Call of Duty, you might as well make sure the set up looks good even if the TV is off. Plus, it keeps electric wires and clutter from scattering everywhere as it can also be a storage.

 Solid TV

5. A bedside lamp

So, the list ends when you’re about to sleep and rest for the night. But before that, you probably want to quickly open a book you’ve been reading. Just in case you don’t, it’s still a must have to accent the room if you hate super bright bulbs at night at before you sleep. Say, for example, this lamps which don’t just embody sophistication because of its steel construction but also gives you flexibility around it with its elegant rotatable joint in brass.  


Now, we all know that the list goes on depending on the type of person you are or depending on the specific needs you on hand. But for most, we think these will come in handy to get you started on a stylish but functional apartment living yourself. Good luck and congratulations on your new achievement!

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