Introducing New Arrival: Cierre

Founded in 1972 by Romano and Cezarina Conficconi, Cierre is an innovative Italian leather manufacturer that has built its name over decades of peerless craftsmanship. Cierre is also the first in the industry to incorporate a full production cycle from design to finished product—fully earning its distinction as “made in Italy.”

Cierre incorporates Italian traditions, quality, and design, and employs varied approaches to manufacturing. Through its steadfast commitment to quality handmade leather furniture, Cierre has been consistent in creating sofas, lounges, and beds that endure in value.

Some of their popular pieces are the Simply Sofa, Ibiza Sofa, and Boheme Armchair. The Simply Sofa is geometrically inspired and ergonomically designed. With textured stitching and a checkered pattern, and adjustable armrests and headrests, the result pleases the human eye and body.

The Ibiza Sofa is a modern classic—also geometrically inspired, and a perfect complement to any setting. With intricate stitching, soft upholstery and cushioned lining, it is designed to be one of the most cozy corners in your home.

The Boheme Armchair has a classic look that also embraces contemporary sensibilities. It has a wooden frame supported by elastic belts, a seat cushion in expanded polyurethane, clad in hypoallergenic goosedown feathers.

Each Cierre product is made by skilled artisans by hand, which gives each piece its own unique character. No two pieces are alike, and none are sold through the same official channels. This deliberate thoughtfulness has been the reason why Cierre has been thriving for almost half a century of Italian excellence and craftsmanship.

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