Creating the Perfect Open Space with DOAL Suspended Sliding Doors

Concealed sliding doors have become increasingly popular due to their unquestionable functionality combined with their captivating appearance. Doal offers a well-stocked and varied catalogue of high-end models suitable for house areas and walk-in closets. The materials used are always top-notch, and the mechanisms are based on the most advanced technologies, ensuring that all products are tailored to last. As such, Doal is always ready to collaborate with clients to create new projects.

Interior Sliding Doors: Main Differences

Sliding doors that slide external to the wall provide an ideal and practical solution to close passageways with elegance and efficiency. They are suitable for niches created from pillar ledges, columns, or chimneys. On the other hand, concealing doors are recessed and equipped with a specific subframe that guarantees a minimalist aesthetic impact. In this case, complex wall interventions are required, including demolishing a wall or a part of it, to recess the mechanisms and door itself.

Sliding Doors External to the Wall or Concealing Ones?

Sliding doors that slide external to the wall remain visible and slide on one side of the wall, meaning that the wall needs to be free from obstructions. Conversely, the concealing sliding doors disappear when opened as the door panel completely enters the wall. The wall intervention required is essential for concealing doors and not needed for external sliding doors. In both cases, this solution allows for saving a lot of space while offering satisfying results, even from an aesthetic perspective.

Doal Features and Build Quality

Doal was established to satisfy all design requests for tailor-made sliding and non-sliding doors. The company creates solutions from scratch that satisfy all tastes with different typologies of materials and glass finishes. Doal considers the space of the living room where the product will be installed while designing sliding doors that can be inserted in a complex house or simple studio apartment to divide the living area from the sleeping area. Sliding doors that slide external to the wall can also be installed in public spaces, executive offices, and other areas to let natural light pass through and offer the best experience in every environment.

Different Sliding Typologies

Sliding doors can be grounded or suspended. Grounded sliding doors are ideal for walk-in closets, storage rooms, wardrobes, garages, kitchen pantries, or bathroom niches used mainly to close and hide containing walls. The rail is mounted and fixed on the floor. Suspended sliding doors, on the other hand, are highly sought after to divide environments or booths where nothing should be visible on the floor. They are hooked to the ceiling using patented rails suitable for any modern or classical environment such as houses, offices, or public spaces.

Dividing a Spacious Living Area with Glass Sliding Doors

To separate large environments, such as dividing the living room and the kitchen, it is advisable to use glass sliding doors to maintain the open-space atmosphere unchanged while defining a partition of the spaces. This way, every house environment, starting from the living area, becomes wider and cozier. Grounded sliding doors with no rail are chosen for this type of division, freeing up the passageway that connects two environments.

Styling and Decorating Sliding Doors

Doors are the first furnishing element of a house and define its style, the way of living, and its tone. Choosing between a sliding decorated door with or without jambs is just the beginning. It is possible to fully customize sliding doors in a tailored way. Doal advises clients to prefer neutral drawings for doors but with personality at the same time. Panels that compose doors can have a perimetral aluminum profile for a clean, essential, and modern look, or they can be fully made of glass to camouflage themselves.

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