In Pursuit of Tasteful Living

Offers Curated Interior Design Expertise

We have a full team of Interior Design Consultants that can provide in-shop and out of shop consultation and curation to create a tasteful mix of furnishings mix for your personal space.

Create Dream Home with Ease and Convenience

We have the Design expertise and full access to supply and materials, focusing on hard to find and unique solutions. No need to look further, you only need to talk to one partner, Modernbrands.

One-Stop-Shop Home Solutions. Kitchen, Wardrobe, Floors, Doors, Wall Finishing and Furniture

We supply Italian Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobe and Closets, Furniture, Doors, Wood floorings, artistic wall, and floor finishing.

Offers Premium Home Products with Best Value

We are exclusive distributors to premium Italian and European furnishing and finishing materials to complete your home and we can, therefore, provide you these quality products at the best value.

About Us

Modernbrands Inc. is a home solutions company in pursuit of tasteful living for the everyday Filipino, offering a wide selection of products to furnish your living space.

Modernbrands’ curated collections and design expertise all under one roof, helps you achieve the pinnacle of tasteful living. We provide solutions to help you create your dream home with ease and convenience through our wide range of home improvement solutions.

Our Interior Design Team, trained in the design of Italian kitchens, wardrobes, and closets, is ready to provide professional services and advice to our customers.

From designing and creating Italian kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, closets, door solutions, and flooring, to loose furniture that is best in their category, our clients can talk to just one partner.

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