From Marginal to Modular: How Santalucia Mobili is Changing Wardrobes

Santalucia Mobili aims to transform storage elements from marginal objects in a room to modular spaces that enhance our daily lives. The sliding-door wardrobe collection features eleven models with a variety of doors, handles, grips, and finishes to choose from. The door-sliding mechanism has been improved through targeted technical research, providing greater comfort for those who prefer these models in the bedroom space.

In today’s homes, where square footage is limited, organising your space is key to creating comfortable and efficient environments. A wardrobe can be an ideal furnishing solution, especially where there are no additional functional spaces, such as a utility or laundry room. The Nuit model, with sliding doors, is a versatile piece that can be used outside the bedroom, thanks to the different door configurations available. For instance, it can be included in the entrance to maximise available space, offering ample storage and the option of dividing the door horizontally or vertically to include a mirror and adjust the look to the context.

The hinged wardrobe collection from Santalucia Mobili consists of twelve door models with various profiles, handles, grips, and finishes. Each model is presented below, along with its aesthetic and technical specifications. The wardrobes are not only practical storage solutions but also add a touch of elegance to any room. By carefully choosing the right wardrobe for your space, you can create a composition that maximises functionality and style.

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