Introducing New Arrival: Capod’opera

Capod’opera has always been driven by the passion for creativity and high craftsmanship. Since their establishment in 1992, these values have always evident in each of their luminous creations.

In this manner, Capod’opera’s furniture is always unique—and lends every space it occupies with distinctive character and language. With a presence in numerous countries, bringing personality and character to the most intimate environments, Capod’opera’s spontaneously unconventional approach sets it apart and delivers a proud legacy. 

One particular highlight is a piece by Alessio Bassan from 2016. The cabinet’s silhouette is sculpted into a fluted motif, whose sliding doors open like a glittering curtain, revealing a bold contrast with its ample interiors.

The Privacy collection, also from by Alessio Bassan, is one of the brand’s longest running lines—and without surprise: the collection is versatile and elegant, with its craftsmanship allowing it to complement any environment with ease, without compromising its defined character.

The Quadro collection by Alessio Bassan is evocative of rationalist architecture, with a checkerboard design consisting of uniform squares, creating a subtle dynamism.

Capo d’opera’s textures, colors, and forms are bold and distinct, but they may also be seen as playful and expressive. Always executed in the finest materials—from wood and marble to cutting-edge resins—the craftsmanship is always intrinsic to the art. In this manner, Capo d’opera encourages the seamless interplay of the designer’s personality and the character of the environment each piece inhabits. The resulting connection is what makes each setting a living masterpiece.

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