Seamless Passage and Modern Aesthetics: The Advantages of DOAL Tilting Doors

Tilting doors are becoming increasingly popular as a modern and space-saving solution for homes and indoor spaces. With their unique design and functionality, these doors offer convenience and style. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits and versatility of DOAL tilting doors, which provide seamless passage, minimalistic aesthetics, and easy installation. Whether for residential or commercial spaces, tilting doors offer a practical alternative to traditional hinged doors.

Seamless Passage with Dual Opening:
DOAL tilting doors are known for their dual opening functionality, allowing them to be easily pushed or pulled open from both sides. This makes them perfect for areas with frequent foot traffic, as they enable seamless passage without the need to stop and pull the door. The unique oleodynamic hinges ensure smooth closure, effortlessly guiding the door back to its original position. Whether in hallways connecting living and sleeping areas or in offices and public spaces, tilting doors offer a convenient and efficient solution.

Minimalistic Design and Cost-Effective:
Tilting doors serve as an excellent alternative to traditional hinged doors, especially in situations where key or pawl locks are not necessary. These doors can be installed without the need for side or top jambs, resulting in a minimalist appearance that blends seamlessly with the surroundings. With no need for large handles, a small integrated handhold complements the sleek aluminum profile, enhancing the door’s clean aesthetic. In addition to their modern style, tilting doors often come at a lower price compared to hinged doors of similar size and finish.

Easy Installation and Versatility:
Installing DOAL tilting doors is a straightforward process that involves securing the specialized oleodynamic hinges integrated into the top and bottom horizontal crossbeams of the door. This eliminates the need for extensive floor arrangements, making them suitable for non-invasive renovations or new installations. DOAL offers a range of tilting door options to suit different preferences. The JUST model features doors on both sides of the aluminum profile, while the ZEUS model boasts an aluminum perimeter profile with various glass or panel options. The GAIA model combines glass and aluminum, offering wider dimensions of up to 1500mm in width and 3000mm in height.

DOAL tilting doors provide an innovative and space-saving solution for modern interiors. With their dual opening functionality, minimalist design, and easy installation process, these doors offer both practicality and style. Whether for residential homes, offices, or public spaces, tilting doors provide seamless passage while adding a touch of elegance to any environment. Choose DOAL tilting doors to optimize space, enhance aesthetics, and enjoy the convenience of a contemporary door solution.

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