Exclusive Home Design Tips from World-renowned Architects

Design Tips from Exclusive Designers: Ar. Royal Pineda and Ar. Norman Agleron’s Mixing and Matching Home Design Guide with Modernbrands Inc. Featured on Lifestyle Asia

As individuals continue to spend more time at home, there is a growing desire to create functional yet aesthetically pleasing living spaces. In an effort to meet this demand, esteemed architects Ar. Royal Pineda and Ar. Norman Agleron have collaborated with Modernbrands Inc. to produce an informative guide on Mixing and Matching Home Design Tips, which was recently featured on Lifestyle Asia.

Modernbrands Inc. is a well-known purveyor of stylish and practical furniture pieces, making them a perfect partner for this project. The guide showcases the architects’ expertise in using furniture, colors, and textures to create a cohesive and distinctive look for any room in a home. Modernbrands Inc. provided the ideal furniture pieces to help bring their design ideas to fruition.

One of the most noteworthy tips provided in the guide is the importance of establishing a focal point for a room. This may be a prominent piece of furniture or a striking work of art that sets the tone for the entire space. Modernbrands Inc. provided a stunning sofa that served as a focal point in one of the featured living rooms.

Another crucial tip shared by the architects was the strategic use of color and texture to add depth and interest to a room. They recommended using a variety of materials, such as leather, velvet, and linen, to create contrast and enhance visual appeal. Modernbrands Inc. was able to provide a diverse mix of textures and colors with their furniture pieces, which were prominently displayed in the guide.

Overall, the Mixing and Matching Home Design Tips guide was an exemplary collaboration between Ar. Royal Pineda, Ar. Norman Agleron, and Modernbrands Inc. It offered valuable insights and inspiration for designing beautiful and functional living spaces. With the help of Modernbrands Inc.’s sophisticated and functional furniture pieces, individuals can effortlessly create inviting and comfortable homes.

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