5 Steps to Consider if you’re Planning For your Ideal Living Room

Living rooms nowadays have become one major way to showcase your interests and passions in life. Arranging living spaces, particularly the living room is almost like painting an artwork. it doesn’t just show how you can be unique but it also gives you the power to be creative depending on the mood or message you want your living room to convey. With that, we have gathered a few key points on how to help you arrange your ideal living room in your very own home.

1. The Apple of the Room

Starting with the list is the apple of the room, often referred to as the “Focal Point” of the living room. I personally invented the name so let’s just call it Apple of the room so it’s just a bit different. Let’s have fun here, shall we?

Now, basically what it means is the Apple of the room will be the center of your concept design. It’s essentially where you should build your living room set up around. For some people, it can vary depending on what they would normally do or how they will spend their time in their living rooms. Some would align everything on a TV as a media consumption set up, some would naturally find the lights as their focus, and some would prefer other things such as the sofa beds as they usually get visitors to their homes. You can only be limited by your creativity and ability to think. Stick with your focus and set up around it as much as possible.

2. The Space

So, let’s say you have the ideal concept around the Apple of your Living Room, and you think you already know which pieces to buy to achieve the room set up you want. I get that you’re excited to see what it looks like, but before you do that you must first consider the space for your room set-up not only because this could determine the sizes of furniture you can use for your set up but this can also determine how you can be able to put all elements together without looking so crowded or busy at some point. It also defines your room’s capability to move some pieces in the future just in case you want to add changes to the room.

Make sure to only buy pieces with considerable sizes and dimensions that fit perfectly with the space you have at home as you do not want it to look unproportioned or unbalanced.

3. The Furniture

This part can be very critical to the overall look of the room set-up. Your choice of furniture plays a huge part in your design. Remember, you should align and match the look you want to achieve. Keep in mind the Apple of the Room we discussed earlier, focus on that and look for Furniture that should fit perfectly with the space you have and pieces that should match the overall look of your room set-up. For example, you simply want a minimalistic and yet modern look, you should automatically look for furniture that is clean yet with a luxurious appeal to it when you place it in the living room. In these kinds of situations wherein you want to be sure if what you’re buying fits and looks goods in your room set-up, there are companies that offer mock-ups of their furnishings. Take this to your advantage to see if the piece you chose fits perfectly in your room set-up. Companies like, ModernBrands, Incorporated offer such services for sure buyers like you. Check them out as might just be the help that you need with your requirements.

Again, make sure to align everything around the Apple of the room as much as possible. Treat it like your guide so you don’t get lost along the planning process for your ideal living space at home.

4. The Room Accessories

Of course, if there are major things like furniture in the room set-up, there must also be accessories that complement and elevate the overall look of the room. Examples can come in many forms, from small pieces of Artwork hanged on the wall to a flower vase on top of your table. Take this as an opportunity to enhance the overall look of the room set-up using these small pieces, in addition, to further improve your concept design.

5. Find the balance

Once all pieces and key elements are in place, this is the time to observe and check for the balance as this determines the visual weight of the arrangements you have already made. If you have considered the space well enough as we mentioned earlier, you can just move certain pieces around in order to find the sweet spot for the visual balance inside the room.

As much as possible, avoid having busy or clumped up areas in your room set-up.

These by no means, are the most expert advice you can find but given our knowledge, these could easily give you an idea if you’re planning to set-up your ideal living space. Remember these key-points and you should do just fine.

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