Wall Arts and Why They Matter

Often times in interior design, we visually consider wall arts as an afterthought. It’s literally the last things we usually consider after all the bigger tickets like sofas, tables, and chairs have been properly arranged and setup.

But, today, we’re here to win your opinion about this common perception because we’ve been missing out on some amazing design opportunities here. We dare say that, wall art matters as much as your sofa bed. And here’s why.

Oh, just tap on those who are a little uneasy to give wall arts such demanding attention in your design, don’t worry, be happy cause you may use this guide to nail the use of wall arts for your very own home.

1. It’s a Spot for Adding Texture

We all know textures add visual weight to a boring and/or bare spot. So hanging some of your best picks for subtle textures can drastically improve the look of the room.

Paintings and prints are good choices but in order to truly add depth to the room, you should consider some sculptures or shadow boxes.

Remember according to many, rough textures are usually used to make a space feel intimate and grounded while smooth textures, on the other hand, bring a sleeker more distant tone to the room. These bits of texture can add much needed visual weight to your room. Use this to set the tone and feel of the room.

2. It’s an Instant Color Palette

Let’s admit it. We know choosing the right color palette is one of the most daunting sides of interior design.

So, how about we leave everything about it and focus on what we should be hanging up there? Our best advice is to search for what you want and use this as inspiration for your very own eventual color palette.

You’ll need to pick out two or three shades from that wall art you want to incorporate as décor. From there, you can choose a dominant color followed by some additional shades for accents. Then look for those colors in the items you have used to decorate your space.

3. It Makes the Room Look Complete

Wall arts are those finishing touches that can help pull the space together and make it complete. It’s one of the least considered addition to space when designing but it makes a drastic improvement over spaces that look bare without any wall arts. This addition makes the room more functional for living, much harmonious throughout and it can unarguably present itself to be the magazine-worthy look.

So we hope we have enjoyed this guide and we hope we have helped you reconsider the use of wall arts to even explore new interior design opportunities for your very own spaces at home.

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